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Thread: Favorite Mac Apps!

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    Favorite Mac Apps!
    Hello all!

    I figured it'd be nice to talk about all our favorite apps for mac!
    The good ones though! For example "Fan Control" will cause more problems than it's made to solve!

    My current favs are "App Cleaner", a free application that removes applications along with all the associated files! And "Liquid Mac", which I'm sure some of you know about! It's a neat little app that's hard to explain, so youtube it or download it! It's free!

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    If I didn't have 1Password I think I wouldn't be using the internet.
    It remembers all of my 109 webpasses that have passwords like this one, L6g9q5bu7idXt1fZANeB.
    Not to mention protecting all my Software Licenses and secure notes.

    Donno, I though there was a post like this already somewhere…
    Use the reputation system if a post helps you!
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    Right now? Well at the moment my favourite app is the Terminal and Mail since I'm at work

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