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    Feb 11, 2010
    EyeTV Lite and MBP Sleep Issues
    Before I thought there was another program keeping my MBP from sleeping. I now think its because of EyeTV.

    I deleted the helper from login but every time. I log back in it is not there but then start EyeTV again, it appears back in the startup and the problem happens all over again. I searched the forums for EyeTV Sleep and nothing else helped me out.

    I am using PleaseSleep but it doesnt seem to help this situation.

    Does anyone know of a work around or direct me to a working solution?


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    Feb 11, 2010
    Been messing around opening one app at a time and letting it sleep. I set the sleep time down to 1 minute to make things go faster.

    Interestingly it sleeps with all my normal apps open. However when I change it back to 10mins: screen shuts off but the laptop does not sleep.

    Read that Bluetooth could have an effect so I disabled that and it got the screens shutting off but not going to sleep. A minute or two later the screens wake up by themselves.

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