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    saving .txt with Numbers
    Does anyone know how to save a file as .txt with numbers?

    It won't let me save .txt w/o adding .numbers, so that it looks like filename.txt.numbers

    I can convert to a filename.xls, but then can't convert that to filename.txt and be able to open it with a text editor.

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    I don't understand why you need or would want to save a spreadsheet file as text? You would lose all formatting if you did and any kind of graphing would likewise be lost.

    If there are parts of the Numbers or Excel file you want to export to text, you can always do that with copy and paste. But again, you would have to consider the formatting.


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    I am working with a large data set and want to delete two entries from every line. If i load it into a spreadsheet I can easily delete the two columns then save it as a text file and open it with the program that i am using to manipulate the data.

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    Numbers can export tables as CSV files, which are text-based.

    It's hard to translate a table of values, with rows and columns, into a plain old .txt file.

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    File -> Export

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    thanks for the replies, not working though.

    I was trying to avoid DLing and installing excel, but alas that's what I had to resort to. It's just silly that numbers doesn't have this basic function that excel has been doing for ages.

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    Copy and the section you want, open Textedit, select "format > make plain text" and paste.

    Save to create a .txt.

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