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    Carbon Copy Cloner question
    I have a question about Carbon Copy Cloner and I have searched everywhere for the answer and can't seem to find a straight answer. I recently adopted a laptop with Snow Leopard installed but didn't receive the OS install disks. I am trying to partition my hard drive and it says that I can't. I have tried everything and it's come down to clearing the hard drive and starting over. So, here comes question. If I use Carbon Copy Cloner and then wipe my hard drive will Carbon Copy Cloner put Snow Leopard back on as well or will I have to go out and purchase the OS?

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    Carbon Copy Cloner will create a bootable backup of your system. So, yes - you can reformat the hard drive and use CCC to restore the system and it will work
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    What louishen said, but I have to point out that Snow Leopard costs a whole $30. You should own a copy, at that price there's really no excuse.

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    You can't partition the hard drive while it's mounted - that's the reason why it's telling you that you "can't". You need the SL DVD so you can use it to boot your Mac and then do the partitioning.

    Carbon Copy Cloner is nice to have and is great for making bootable clones on your hard drive but you still need a Snow Leopard install DVD. And as chas has stated, it's only $29.99 at Best Buy or your local Apple store.


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