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    I have an iPad, Macbook Pro and iPhone 4, as well as a desktop running Windows 7, a laptop running XP and a netbook running Ubuntu Linux. Now, I am quite prone to losing things (I lost a 3G and a 3GS) and being able to find my iPhone/iPad if I lose them using any of my computers would be really beneficial. My first question is, would I be able to connect my XP laptop to it? Apple's site only has photos of Win7 PCs using XP ones... Also, would I have to purchase Mobileme for every device I own? That would be very offputting for me.
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    First question: I believe it will work with XP (SP2) through Win 7. You might want to call Apple to double check.

    Second question: Mobile Me is tied to YOU, not the computer. One copy for all your devices. (If you want other family members to have a MobileMe account, you should buy the Family Pack.)

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    MobileMe is compatible with IE8 and WinXP for sure, that's how I often access it at work.
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