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cupcakey88 07-03-2010 03:04 AM

New HD, only photo backup is on my iPhone...
Hey guys,

I just got a new HD (the old one had sibling issues and wasn't able to get very much of my info off of it) and the only backup of all my photos are in my iPod (60g video) and my iPhone 3G. iPhoto (running iLife 09) will only import the photos I have taken on the iPhone. Senuti unfortunately doesn't do photos, although I thought it used to, but whatever. Does anyone know of a free/shareware software that will pull all of the photos, preferably in their albums, off of my iPhone? I've gone through iPhone Explorer, but can't find any photos besides, again, the ones I took on my iPhone. Any help is appreciated!



chas_m 07-03-2010 09:11 AM

Try Pod to Mac.

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