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    photoshop c2 crashing
    it often crashes on me.
    i right clicked on a file (bmp) open with photoshop cs2. it opened then crashed about 10 secs after it opened.
    i then started photoshop, then opened the picture from there and it worked fine, but then i went to filter gallery and it crashed again. everytime it just shuts cs2 down.
    im running emac g4 700mhz 1gb ram

    anyone have any ideas why this would happen?

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    Hi, my 20" G5 2.0ghz iMac also crashes when I run photoshop cs2, well, it crashes now because yesterday I was working with PS CS2 normally, even printing photos, but today it crashes when I try to open a photo, any photo.
    I got OSX 10.4.2 running on a 2 ghz G5 processor and 512mb Ram... PS CS2 crashes even when it's the only app running.

    I hoe you can help us.... thnx!

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    I am having the same problem. It will crash every time I make a selection and try to use the move tool. It angers me.

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    hmm, I read somewhere that Quicktime causes some problems with CS. People should try updating to the latest quicktime (7.1 or 7.0.1 - one of those) and see if that helps.

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