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    Question Problems with Photoshop & Networked Machines
    Hi, I hope someone can help me as I am truly stumped! We are a small creative agency and we use Macs that are networked to a Mac Pro server - we have operated this set up since 2008.

    In the last two weeks we have started having trouble with Photoshop files. One team member will create a PS file that contains multiple layers, save and close the file. When another team member opens the same file on a different machine some of the layers have been removed or flattened. The PS history does not reflect these removing or flattening actions.

    This does not happen all the time and there does not appear to be any patterns between users, machines that cause this mysterious deletion or flattening of layers. The problem also does not seem to happen when a file is saved, closed and reopened on the same machine.

    I have checked the obvious with the team and they assure me that they are not deleting layers or not saving the files correctly.

    As an aside - perhaps a coincidence or indicator - it has taken a full day before folder changes (such as 'colour labels') made on the networked drive by one machine have appeared visible in Finder on another machine.

    Our specs:
    Mac Book Pro - running OSX 10.4.11
    IMac - running OSX 10.5.8
    IMac - running OSX 10.4.11
    Mac Pro (server) - running Leopard OSX
    Photoshop - CS3

    Any help, ideas, thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!


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