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    Question MS Publisher???
    I have recently made the transition from PC to Mac. Most of my PC stuff I am glad to leave behind, but one I miss dearly is Microsoft Publisher. It was great for creating beautiful calendars and had a lot of great tricks, like putting a picture on a page, altering the color to grayscale, and placing a transparent text page on top, so instead of just a boring page of plain text, I could have a greyscale picture of a mountain in the background of a story about a mountain climber for example. I know that Publisher has not made it's way into Office, so I won't be able to bring it across, but is there a comparable Mac software app? I have Pages, and it does basic word processing well, but I want something more.

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    Howdy, and welcome to the world of Mac.

    Pages also does page layout work. I have used it for a theological newsletter and worked fine (except for Hebrew support). Take a look at some of the tutorials for Pages, such as I Work in Page. Many useful tips.

    Try Scribus which is open source and highly recommended by many Mac users.
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    +1 for Pages. It does very good layout work. There are also other inexpensive programs that closely resemble MS Publisher. I found iStudio to be very good. They have a fully functional trial version which you can download and experiment with for 30 days.

    Also, there is always the option of running Windows on your Mac and that would allow you to continue using MS Publisher.


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    Thank you both very much! I will check on iStudio and watch the Pages tutorial. Have a great 4th and God Bless!

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