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    Internet browsing problem
    Hi, I am a relatively new Macbook user, and I have been having an odd problem with my computer. When I go to certain websites, including and Statcounter, on my home wireless system, these pages will not open. I have tried both Safari and Firefox and neither seems to work. When these pages are trying to open, I can see in Firefox that the computer is "waiting for" I also have a problem with unwanted pop-ups, sometimes Google search pages, but occasionally random sales sites.

    I tried to go to the same sites using a university's wireless account and a coffeehouse's wireless account yesterday, and all sites worked without any problems and no unwanted sites popped up. So I am guessing there is something wrong with our firewall at home. But what is weird is that my girlfriend has been experiencing no problems at all on her laptop (she has had no problems opening Meetup, etc). Any suggestions?

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    additional detail
    Note: when I look at the history for my browser, I see some variation of the following, wyciwyg://163/, instead of seeing "" or the page's actual URL.

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