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    DVD Player/ Front Row not working...
    Hey! I'm new here, nice to meet you all...

    I'm having some problems with using DVD Player. I have been switching between Region 2 and Region 1 (using completely legal DVD's I must add!!!) and now it says that this is the last time I may switch region. When I press on Region 2 and 'Set drive region' the program just quits and nothing happens. I was wondering what I can do to overcome this, and has anyone else had this problem? I have searched for software updates and I have the latest software. As I am new to Macs, I don't know what else I can do. All of your help will be greatly appreciated!

    Just in case you need to know, I am using a MacBook Pro 15".

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    Sounds like you've run out of Region choices. It's either a firmware problem or it's permanently set to the last region you selected. Not much you can do about it without a firmware update or correction.

    Try this LINK. And do some searching via Google.


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