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    Paul G
    iMovie PAL
    Hi there

    I live in England and want to create a DVD starting in iMovie. The problem I see is that there isn't an option to change from DV-NTSC to DV-PAL!!????? I've created one in the past and I'm sure there was an option to change it to DV-PAL. It shows how to convert in iDVD but not how to in iMovie. Can anyone helip with this at all?


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    Jan 02, 2008
    UK Paul,

    I'm currently working a similar issue trying to go from NTSC video made in imovie and export to PAL to send to Europe. Search on "pal" in iMovie help and it will describe steps to export a quicktime file in PAL format. When creating your iDVD you can select the quicktime PAL file and burn your DVD.

    My problem is I'm having a hard time verifying the quicktime file is actually PAL format. I've set iDVD to PAL and I select the quicktime PAL file that I output from iMovie, but I get an error message that says I'm trying to burn an NTSC movie file onto a PAL DVD. Further, my DVD player purchased here in the USA plays the resulting DVD although with reduced quality. I would have expected my DVD player would refuse to read a PAL DVD. I'll post a new thread to continue the discussion.

    USA Paul

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