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    Personal Finance Software
    I am interested in personal finance software and was told Quicken was the way to go, however recent reviews of Quicken Essentials for Mac have not been very favorable. Is there a current application that can be recommended?

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    Hands down YNAB... Cross platform for Mac, Windows, Linux has an app for your iphone or Ipod Touch to sync when away from the house.

    The biggest thing is it teaches you to save money and live off last months income. I HIGHLY recommend it and if you master the rule of living off last months income it is a change in your lifestyle you will never change.

    Lastly, it has great updates from Jesse and the crew and there constantly listening to the customers to make a better product.

    YNAB isn't just a finance manager but a change of your lifestyle. Can't say enough about it.

    Watch the demo's and other info here : Personal Budget Software - Finance Software for Windows, Mac & Linux


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