I'm on jabber/gmail and i'm trying to send and email specifically through ichat but for some reason, the send email command in the menu is grey so it won't let me send email.

I'm also trying to talk to someone through my aim ichat account in my mac (in Snow Leopard). The person I'm trying to talk to is signed into AIM through gmail (not through AIM itself).

In this scenario, I can't do any audio or video chatting. But I can do video and send files (but NOT audio) with my buddy if I'm talking to him through AIM (without gmail) and my buddy has a windows system.

But when it comes to audio chatting, my mac and his windows systems both have mic setups and he set up his voice and video chat in his google talk but my ichat won't let me talk to him even through jabber/g-talk because my 'invite to audio chat' command is grey in the menu.

Seems like there are some complicated compatibility issues with the jabber/aim/googletalk/mac/windows setups. Is there any page out there where I can work all this out or confirm what can do what and with who?

I have Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on an iMac