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    How do I organize split albums on iTunes?
    How can I manually organize albums in iTunes. I get music from one album from anyone album from many different sources. Most of the time I just put in the correct year, artist, track number out of track number, genre, etc., and I turn on part of compilation for all of them. 75%-85% of the time this works fine, but recently I have been trying to group my Billy Talent II Album and it is registered as 3 when checking in coverflow on my mac or iphone. It is also 3 in album view. I have scoured the 3 albums and everything checks out I have searched it over more times then I can count and still nothing. I really need some help on this one, I also have a few similar cases. (Exact same thing cases actually)
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    You probably have a space or errant capital letter in one of the album titles. Also watch out for the autocompletion: it's often hard to fix similar album names in iTunes, as it'll keep suggesting one of your spellings when you start typing, effectively incorrectly autocompleting.

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