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    Deleted Quicktime 7 - Can't Reinstall??
    Hey everyone,

    I tried installing the MPEG-2 codec for my Quicktime Player for my mac, but it still didn't allow me to watch videos. I [foolishly] thought maybe if I reinstalled Quicktime I would have better luck. So I deleted Quicktime. Unfortunately when I try to reinstall it, the only thing I get is the Quicktime options in my System Preferences. There is no launchable application, and when I try to open Quicktime movies (.mov) files, it defaults to the "Grapher" application. I know where to change my default application preferences, but I cannot find Quicktime as an application anywhere. I am able to export from iMovie using Quicktime though. I've searched using spotlight, and cannot find any applications. So very confused!!!

    System Info:
    iMac w/ OS X 10.5.8 <-- OS where I'm having troubles
    All software up-to-date
    Also running Windows XP w/ bootcamp
    Quicktime version WAS 7.6.6

    Have also tried removing using "AppCleaner" before reinstall.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    PS if you have any insight on why the MPEG-2 plug-in wouldn't work I'd love to know what's up with that as well!

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    The QuickTime Player 7 application may have installed itself in your Applications, Utilities folder. That's the default installation location for Snow Leopard but I'm not sure about Leopard. Look there to make sure.

    Here's the LINK to download it from Apple in case you'd like to try to do a reinstall.


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