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miremare 06-22-2010 05:36 AM

MacMame 0.135 rom compatibility

i have recently moved from pc to MAc.

I have a full rom set for Mame that works with my pc under vista and XP.

I have recently installed MAcMame 0.135 and am finding lots of roms come up as Missing or dont work.

e.g. starwars, works on the pc mame but not on the Macmame
e.g. indiana jones, works on the pc but not on the Macmame.

is there any other software i need to download.

are there any other emulators needed for mac mame to ensure the romsets work.

many thanks

bloodriotzero 12-31-2010 02:08 AM

Did you try using MAME OS X. It's another MAME emulator for Mac.

The issue w/ MAME emulators for Mac seems to be that they're rarely updated. It's apparently been years since both emus have been updated (though MacMAME is more out-of-date than MAME OS X) so they don't keep up (they don't recognize) with more updated ROMs.

I don't know if that will fix your issue but its worth a shot.

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