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    Jun 22, 2010
    Question Toast Titanium 10 "Get Backup 2 RE": merge backup files??

    i am pretty new in the mac community, couldnīt resist the latest mbp upgrades ;-) so u must excuse my ignorance of it (and my lousy english, however). now i have big trouble:

    after one month of using the mac i am very impressed of how easy the switch between it and windows worked, and i begin to comprehend how the structures (folder structures, system settings... no registry, hallelujah!) work.

    but now i have a serious software issue:
    i created a backup of all my important files with toast titanium "Get Backup 2 RE". i had to split the file into 50 parts (2,5GB/part) to be able to copy the backup onto an external FAT32 hdd.

    "Get Backup 2 RE" created 50 files indexed with the extensions: .tar.aab .tar.aac and so on.

    after i deleted the original files and formatted the mac hd for a brand new system, i tried to merge those parts, BUT: neither "Get Backup 2 RE" nor simply deleting the .aaa extension and letting the .tar extract works: toast titanium and getbackup do not recognize the file format, and whe i try to unpack the .tar files, there appears the error "Fehler 1 - Der Vorgang ist nicht zugelassen" wich means "error 1 - action is not allowed".

    hmm, any suggestions?

    thnx for help, if there is any ;-)

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    Jun 22, 2010
    so, no suggestions?

    its a bunch of indexed .tar files, and when i open the first one with winrar on windows, the content of the archive appears, and its the right files. but anytime in windows an in mac osx there is this error...

    anybody knows s.t. about .tar data? and how i open the archiver manually on mac? didnīt find it in the program folders or in spotlight...


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