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taybot 06-21-2010 06:58 PM

Open Office Really messed up
I am using open office and I have a document that is around 500 pages. Well I was working as usual and I went to cut and paste something when suddenly the document expanded to 1008 pages. It took about 20 seconds and I just watched the page count increase, kind of nervously.

Anyways my work is still there but there is also work that I erased long, long ago, which is why the pages are so many I think.

But the main issue is I can't work any longer, because it will bounce me around randomly from like page 607 to page 184.

There has always has been a problem where if I was reading, it would sometimes revert to the last page I made changes at and then I would have to go back and find where I was.

Well I could deal with that problem but now I can't work in open office anymore. there is another problem I posted about here like a month ago, where ODT documents would suddenly stop saving. I just had to save them as a doc. document instead and it has been working ok.

but now I'm really messed up and I just want to say open office has been a nightmare.

But the main point of this thread is, can anyone suggest what I should do about my current situation, of having a thousand pages and no way to get around the document?


chscag 06-21-2010 08:53 PM

It sounds like the document may have become corrupt somehow. If you can't navigate from page to page in the document that means you can't remove the old pages and changes. The best I can suggest is if you had auto backup turned on, is to try to revert the document from backup. Or, if you had been making backups with Time Machine, restore to a point in time when the document was OK.

Some advice about large documents... Break it up into parts and try to keep each part to around 300 pages in size at the max. After you've finished you can always join the parts together.

I'm not an OO user, (I use MS Office) so I don't know if there are any means available for gaining access to a corrupt document. But what I suggest you try is to post your problem in the Open Office Org user forum to see if maybe someone can assist. Here's the LINK.


harryb2448 06-22-2010 12:09 AM

You get what you pay for. Another MS Office devotee!

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