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    World of Warcraft Mac Specs
    I was looking on the apple store website and it says that World of Warcraft needs a 64mb video card and I looked at Bestbuy and they said that I need a 32mb card. Will WOW play on an 32mb card real good?

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    It requires a minimum of 32 with recommended will run OK if you lower settings on the game on 32
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    ok thanks thats what i thought

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    If it helps, I just got my ibook and I play wow on it all the time. Right now it plays ok with 256 ram. I can't do anything intensive though untill I get more ram. I'm thinking as soon as I drop a gig stick in here it will be just fine. I was quite shocked when it played it so well. It plays it better than my old HP laptop that had twice the memory, 'processor', and video RAM. The ibook will play it faster

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