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    Mac Mail - errors attempting to use .mac account
    Hi - I've been trawling forums trying to answer my own query but not quite clear. It seems a lot of people have experienced similar issues in past.

    What's happened:
    > Some years ago I was utilising my .mac email account.
    > Last year I carried out a free MobileMe trial using same username/email address as .mac. Didn't continue with subscription.
    > Now looking to again use .mac email account in Mac OS Mail - keep getting errors about password and SMTP server. (So - username and password allow me to log in to defunct MobileMe account, but aren't accepted back in Mac Mail.)
    > Under Mail preferences >> Accounts, the outgoing SMPT server reads "Offline".

    > Can Mail no longer be used for free, using a .mac address through OS Mail? (If no, then I guess that endeth my question!)
    > If yes, how to address the password/SMTP issue - esp how to get the outgoing server off "Offline"?

    I have tried many found forum suggestions about the 'Edit SMTP Server List' in Preferences, to no avail.

    THANKS in advance to any remedying advice!

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    Welcome to the Forum. Are you trying to continue using the user name and password of the trial account?

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