Hi - My name is Andrew and I'm the developer of a new application for 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Airport Location remembers your laptop's settings and open applications based on your physical location.

It's similar to NetworkLocation, MarcoPolo and others, but Airport Location is different because it saves your settings (instead of manually have to set them within those other apps) for you and physical locations are more accurate. Plus, Airport Location remembers almost 40 different settings!

When you arrive at a new location, a "snapshot" of your settings is saved. Next time you're there, your settings will be applied. Basically - your computer will be set up exactly like the way you like it.

Anyway, it's new and still in beta, but I'd very much appreciate if this community would try it out.

Any suggestions, comments, bug reports, criticisms, can be posted here, on my website Airport Location for Mac OSX 10.6 or by sending an email to airportlocation at gmail.

Airport Location on Lifehacker