I have mutiple VOB clips from multiple sources and want to burn them onto one DVD.
It'd be nice to have a menu (i.e.: Play Movie, Scene Selection, etc.), but if there is a way to just burn all of the VOB's onto a DVD and it will just autoplay from the beginning whenever I put it in a DVD player, I'm fine with that as well, because I could just (chapter) skip (in theory) to the section I wanted to watch once the video was playing.

So, is there a way to burn multiple VOBs from multiple sources onto a DVD without having to render the VOBs into another format first (such as QT)?
The transforming from VOB to QT method (to then put in iMovie or FCP) takes forever.

I've tried putting the various VOB files that I want on the DVD into a VIDEO_TS file, then having Toast Titanium burn a DVD from that folder, but that request trips up Toast (I'm assuming as a safeguard so that people aren't burning DVD's that have no navigation capabilities, and therefore can't be played).

I'm a noob when it comes to some of this video stuff and don't understand why if the clip came off of a DVD in VOB format, why it can't just be burned back on to another DVD in VOB format.

Any help, explanations or suggestions would be great.