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    Compression question
    I tend to send a lot of photos via e-mail, but with 5Mp photos that are around 2Mb in size, I can only attach a few to each e-mail. I decided to try and "compress" them to reduce their size and thus fit more in a single e-mail. Apparently my definition of compress and OSX's definition differ somewhat. I tried right clicking the photos and creating an archive, but all that does is place all the photos into a single zip file. Though this means only having to upload one file, the photos are still 2Mb each. I tried using Stuffit, but all it did was add the .stix extension on the end.

    Is there a way to actually make the files smaller using OSX, or do I need third party software?

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    Assuming they are .jpg files, you can resize them using Preview. You could of course use a third party app like Photoshop as well. But Preview will allow you to resize them just fine. All you have to do is open the file in Preview, and choose Export from the File menu. When the dialog box appears, choose JPEG from the drop down and click the Options button. Then you can choose your desired file size and quality level.
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