Hey all,

Today when I got home after a long day of college, I woke my Macbook from sleep and reconnected my MSN (it was connected in college).
However, upon logging in, I got the popup saying Person A (email@host.com) has added you to his list, do you wish to: Accept or Deny (Add or Block).

So far nothing strange, apart from the fact that MSN does this for ALL my contacts. That is, all people that have already added me to their list, and thus also all people I have already accepted. So I went to the process of accepting everyone one by one, and then rebooted MSN. Again the same story.

The issue occurs both with MSN 7 and MSN 8 beta (both the latest subversions). The second oddity is the fact that MSN on Windows, Adium and eBuddy all work perfectly fine. This made me conclude that the issue must be somewhere in the mac clients. At first this struck me as odd, since both versions did this, so I uninstalled both clients (through a safe uninstaller, deleting both MSN7.app, MSN8beta.app and ONE .plist file -do they share one?). After reinstalling MSN 7.0.2 stable, the problem still persists.

Anyone with similar issues, or better yet anyone with a solution?

Thanks in advance!