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    Safari Can't Find Server After Update
    Hi Everyone!
    I'm experiencing a problem that I can't figure out. I couldn't find the answer anywhere (although it very well may be in this forum & I can't see the proverbial hand in front of my face!) I'm hoping you all can help. My story:

    I am using a Macbook Pro 15" with OSX 10.4.11 (Yes, no Leopard yet. Not in the budget right now.) The other day, when Software Update popped up, ike a good boy, I downloaded & installed the Safari update to version 4.1 l Wish I didn't!

    Now almost every time I type in a URL, Click a Search Engine result (no matter which engine), Click a bookmark; the rainbow colored ball will spin for a minute or two or three or more. Then a page opens and says that Safari can't find the server. I click "Reload" <or is it Refresh?> (the little curved arrow in the address bar) and KaPow! the page opens. It happens, probably, 9 out of ten times. It also happens if I click a link on a page. It's really crummy when I fill out a form on-line & click "Submit". With those, refresh doesn't work & I have to start the form over.

    Sometimes I look to see if the original address matches, exactly, the one that worked. They do.

    I tried Firefox- No problems. No problems with Safari before the update, either. It started instantly after I updated. I've run the maintenance scripts, shut the Mac down & turned it back on. Cleared my private data, etc. That's the limit of my knowledge on this.

    I tried Safari on my Wife's Macbook Pro (Same OS version)
    and there are no problems because she did not update Safari.

    The world won't stop spinning if this isn't solved, but I sure waste a lot of time waiting for the beachball to stop & give me the error so I can reload.
    (Getting to this page to type this plea for help took 20 minutes. Wait A Minute! I could have used Forefox or my wife's Mac to get here. What A Knucklehead!)

    I really like Safari, so if y'all can help fix this (or tell me how to get rid of this update) I'd be very grateful!


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    "server cannot be found"
    I am having the same EXACT problem with my Safari after I upgraded
    Need Help to solve problem!!!!

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    Do you have any third party internet plugins on your Mac?
    Likes Glims, CosmoPod, SafariStand, etc.?
    It very possible that with the Safari update, that some plugins are no longer compatible, or need updating.

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