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    New Hard Disk Problem with Norton Ghost
    Mac Pro 10.6.3
    Boot Camp
    Norton Ghost 15.0
    Windows 7
    Hard disk: Seagate Sata 2

    I've just installed a new hard disk that is intended as a backup disk for Windows 7, installed through Boot Camp on the Mac Pro tower. I've chosen Norton Ghost as the backup software, and when I try to select the installed drive as the backup disk via Windows 7, I receive the following error messages: "H is a read only location and not a valid destination. Error E7D1001D: unable to open. Error EBAB03F1: access is denied."

    On the Mac side in Disk Utility, I have erased the new disk using the "Zero Out Data" option, and the status information for this disk is: write status: read/write; s.m.a.r.t. status: verified; partition map scheme: GUID Partition Table.

    Basically, the newly installed hard disk seems to have read and write status on the Mac side but not on the Windows 7 side.

    Thanks for any tips on how to make Norton Ghost read this disk as read/write within Windows 7.

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    The disk will have to be formatted as FAT32 or NTFS in order for Windows to be able to write to it.

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    try using deploystudio. it is free and works great, even for dual booting computers

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    I've got it working now with MS-DOS (FAT) selected in the Partition - Format window, and Master Boot Record selected in the Partition - Options window.

    Thanks for the support.

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