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    Change your Mail view to columns instead of rows
    Hallelujah, the latest beta works with 10.6.4.

    Thought I'd go ahead and post this up since there were a couple asking about it. How to have Mail make use of your widescreen monitor.

    Here's your normal view.

    If you're tired of only being able to see a few of your emails and can't even see but half of each one at time - check this view out.

    Those are both full size - so didn't even make use of my full height or width of screen, but that gives you an idea. If you'd like to be able to view a list of 2-3 times as many of your emails at a time and read a great many of your emails without the need for scrolling:

    Letterbox - haven't tried everything yet, just installed it a few minutes ago - but the beta does get you columns instead of rows for your mail viewing pleasure.

    edit: And lest I forget - thanks aaron, a great many of us appreciate your work.
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    Letterbox works just fine - i like it
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    I stumbled upon this after looking to maximize the layout of Mail on my new 15'MBP with the hi res screen. The letterbox layout was about the only thing I liked about the Groupwise interface provided by my work. Mail is much stabler than Groupwise. What a difference. Really love Letterbox on Mail. Very stable after a week's worth of intensive use.
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