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Thread: Font book help needed

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    Font book help needed

    Just setting up my new mac and I added the wrong font collection to font book. Did not think there would be any problems just removing the new library I had made. Re-started the computer, font book looked ok - just had the system fonts there. BUT - opened Quark Xpress and all 1000 of the fonts are open! Double checked font book again and all is well. Any ideas why Quark is seeing all those fonts? Thanks

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    Check two places for those fonts. Look in (user)/Library/Font Collections, and in MacIntosh HD/Library/Fonts. If you find them, delete them.

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    If you are going to use a lot of fonts I would recommend using a proper font manager instead

    Font book is not the best app, the free font explorer is much much better

    If you really want to manage your fonts well I suggest the suitcase (another font management tool - not free) guide to best font practices in OS X (the guide is free)

    Best Practices for Managing Fonts in Mac OS X - 6th Edition (updated: Oct. 2009)

    Just substitute use Suitcase with use Linotype FontExplorer
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