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riverteeth 06-15-2010 11:07 PM not working properly with multiple dictionaries
Hi all,

I have 9 dictionaries installed for use with, including wikipedia in english, chinese, and japanese. For some reason, if I look up an english word that happens to appear in a article on chinese wikipedia, I get the normal view of all the dictionaries listed in a row for a few seconds, and then all of them disappear except for the chinese wikipedia article.

Example: I look up "comet". I get a long list of entries with "comet" in them: "comet, Comet, Comet (full house), Comet (railcar), etc." I hit return to view the first entry. I see the english dictionary entry for comet for about one second, and then that's replaced by a article on chinese wikipedia on the 2007 album "Comet" by Korean pop star Younha (in chinese of course).

This has been happening for some time, but I can't remember what might have triggered it. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? The simple fix is to dissable Chiense wikipedia... guess it's just a bug with that part of the app.


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