Hello all

As first a big sorry for my English..=)

Now my problem..
I bought 2 weeks ago a new MBP 15" with the 2.53 GHz i5 CPU.
It is e beautiful device it works fine & fast.

The only problem I have is regarding the divx web player.
When I install the Firefox Browser and then the Divx Plugin, all is great without any problems. But when I after that install the Adobe CS5 Master Collection Suite then i can't stream any Divx Videos in my Firefox Browser.

What is wrong with the CS5 Suite?

I installed the Mac OS X even 3 time in the last 2 weeks.
All is function really good still I install the Adobe Suite.

I have tested also Perian & VLC, but that doesn't resolve my bug..

Can somone help me? Please guys..