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Thread: Safari 5 glitch

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    Safari 5 glitch
    As I was interacting with a Java application on Safari 5, normally one would step outside of the application with the mouse and highlight something else on the website. However, upon doing this, the entire window becomes a drag and drop thumbnail, and when I let go, I got this: see attached.

    Never have I seen this in any Safari iteration before (4 or 3).

    Notice in the application where it says "Grid 0" (far right side, in dark red. Sorry it's hard to see). That should all be red. Upon seeing this, anything red or gray (in the dark grey box) started flashing white and pink. Also, if you notice the FPS (bottom left in gray text), it says 60 FPS. This game isn't capable of exceeding 50 FPS.

    However, the main part worth focusing on is the tool bar. That shouldn't look like that.

    Has anybody else experienced this little glitch yet with Safari 5?
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    Safari 5 new download and error message when sending emails with hotmail
    Safari 5 new download and error message when sending emails with hotmail.

    I get the error message that Webkit2webprocess.exe will be shut down by data execution since It may harm my computer.


    Looks as if this is a fair problem on the hotmail forums, but thought I would ask here too.

    Also, on safari 5 when I have multiple tabs open and go from one tab to another, the tabs "Refresh" themselves automatically.


    Toshiba 17 in Satellite
    Windows Vista

    NOT using Explorer 8 or 9 since I have hotmail and cant stand the past IE problems, I never updated them.

    Thank you

    I also have some IPOD questions from a bad experience on an old update from Itunes and crashed my ipods that were working perfectly. But that is for another day and forum

    Again thank you

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    I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about bugs, but is anyone actually reporting them from the Safari drop down menu? i.e. “Report Bugs to Apple"

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    Since you're referring to the Windows version of Safari, your question really does
    doesn't belong in this forum as this is for OS X apps and games.

    You might get an answer by posting this in the Apple forums. LINK

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    Sure did report them via the drop down menu

    Oh and yea I guess "Community Guidelines" would dictate that it goes elsewhere.

    huh, what do you know.... Apple forums where they do not even recognize Ipod issues that wiped out 60% of peoples ipods a few years ago.

    Yeap that was great advice. THANKS

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