Hi everyone,

I'm new to these forums and am looking for help with the iTunes v9.1 (running on OS 10.6). It's not a major issue, though for me, it's pretty important:

With the current version of iTunes, you can add as many image files as you'd like to the album artwork box in the lower lefthand corner. Great, I was syked about this new feature, so that now I can add my hi-res scans of lp back covers, sleevenotes, lyric sheets, etc. in addition to the front cover. And you can also enlarge these images by clicking on the image in the artwork box.

The problem is that you can't properly zoom in when you've pulled up these enlarged images in iTunes' built-in image viewer. If you right click on the enlarged image, the only options are "half size, actual size, double size, or fit to screen." When you click double size, it DOES zoom in but let's you see only a certain area without the ability to move to any other parts of the image. This is important for me, because some of the lyrics in my scans are hard/impossible to make out without zooming in.

Is there any itunes add-on that can get around this issue? I know I can just open these files in Preview, but I'd like to find something that works within iTunes. Oh, and I'm also aware that I can zoom in the screen by holding down ctrl and moving two fingers on the trackpad (this doesn't do it for me either). Maybe this is something that the developers should address in the next update? I mean, if they include an image viewer, it should at least have the barebones features...

Thanks in advance for your help and I'm sorry if this seems too trivial!