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Thread: Safari Download Window Autoclose?

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    Safari Download Window Autoclose?
    Up 'till now I've been using Saft to add some functionality for Safari. I used it for two reasons: to open new pages in tabs rather than windows, and to autoclose the downloads window after the downloads have finished. Now, the first reason no longer exists as Safari 5 has this functionality built in. Unfortunately, retaining Saft dramatically messes up the tab functionality, so I don't use it anymore. I still hate it that Safari keeps the download will open indefinitely, though. I know SafariStand provides the option to have the download window close, but SafariStand is much much more than I need.

    Now, I know Safari 5 has a new extension functionality, but I'm no programmer myself. My question is whether anybody knows about a small extension that adds the possibility to have the download window close automatically after the downloads close, and not much more?

    I know about Glims and SafariStand but would really prefer a simpler extension.

    This is the only thing that really bugs me in Safari adn I really don't understand the rationale behind leaving that window open all the time. Mostly, it's just screen clutter!

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    Keep checking this link below... perhaps someone will bust out a solution soon, if they haven't already:
    Safari Extensions

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