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    Lately I decided to use Macmail. It didn't work so I downloaded the httpmail plugin 1.53 and installed it. (For I use a Hotmail account.) But still it does not work. The problem generally is that after receiving 20 mails, the program stops receiving. In the box 'Mail activity' (Don't know how it's called in English) it says 'Incoming Mail' 20 out of 4443 0 KB/sec. If I want to close down my computer, I have to force stop the program.

    Anybody who knows how to fix this?



    P.S. Only yesterday, I have let the program run for 6-7 hours. It kept stuck at 20 mails in the 'Incoming Mail' window, it shows 2 mails in my inbox, everytime I open the program again.

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    I don't know much, but google had a couple of things that could be relevant:
    Quote Originally Posted by solipsism
    HTTPMail Plug works for many but I hear it's based on how old your Hotmail account is. As I understand it, if your account is fairly new it won't work.
    from this site

    And How to Access Windows Live Hotmail with Mac OS X Mail - About Email
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