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    iPhoto won't upload photos from cd-r
    I have iPhoto 08 version 7.1.5 on my imac using mac osx 10.5.8 ... so heres the deal I've had this comp for a while well it turns out the hardware was corrupt and Apple replaced it so I had to burn all my photos onto a cd so once i got my comp back I could upload them. Well when i put the cd in it opens iphoto automatically and tells me that I made changes to the photo with a newer version of iphoto and therefore I can't open them on iphoto 08. Well the computer is the same one and I don't believe i had a newer version! What do I do, am I using an older version and if so how do I get the updated one? Thanks ahead for any help!!

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    This is a little odd. I have had no issues importing really old (iPhoto 7) photo's into the latest version, but I didn't use iPhoto to burn the pictures (I used toast).
    Can you access the photo's on the disc and drag them to the desktop? If so you could then try importing them from there.
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