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    Safari wont start in Network profile....
    Safari wont start in Network profile, but will work as a local user.

    It's only happening on one computer of 20 which happens to have the Safari 5.0. All the others have 4.5.
    Both the Xserve and the iMac have Leopard (10.5 OS).

    I've tried to download and install Safari 4.5 but obviously Mac is so intelligent that it realises that it has a newer version.
    Tried binning Safari from the Apps folder but that didn't work either.
    Also binned all the prefs, restarting after every attemp.

    The message I'm getting is:
    The application Safari quit unexpectedly

    Mac OS X and other applications are not affected.

    Click Relaunch the launch the application again. Click Report to see more details or send a report to Apple.

    Ignore | Report | Relaunch

    Then I get:

    Do you want to reset application settings for Safari?

    The application quit unexpectedly after it was relaunched. Resetting the application settings may fix the problem.

    You will be given the opportunity to restore your original settings when you quit the application.

    Do not relaunch | Reset and relaunch | Relaunch

    After I rest I get the "The application Safari quit unexpectedly" again.

    The computer is not used as a stand-alone, local-user. It's only used as a network machine.

    I'm guessing that I need to revert back to 4.5 but it doesn't seem to want to work as mentioned, unless anyone knows how to get rid of it...


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    I'm having the same problem, I did a mass upgrade yesterday and now none of our network users can open safari. Unfortunately I don't have a fix yet but I will turn on thread notifications and carry on googling hopefully one of us can work it out.

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    Riiiight after a lot og googling and a phone call to apple heres what I have come up with.

    The apple support thread on this issue is here
    Apple - Support - Discussions - Safari 5 crashes on networked home users ...

    Apples phone support suggested I log onto each machine seperatly and get safari to run using rosetta then when the update to fix the issue is resolved and I have upgraded again remove all changes I made... considering the amount of imacs I have thats far too much effort.

    My solution package firefox for osx using package manager in apple dev tools and then push it using remote desktop. How to on making the package is linked below

    Create Firefox 3 .mpkg for Mac OS X

    Good luck everyone and iuf you use networked homes on an afp share just don't upgrade safari to v5 until it has had a revision, The apple tech I spoke to didn't know whan that would be.

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