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    Hi. Ever since upgrading to Snow leopard and iLife 09, my iDVD simply will not launch. Whether I try opening it via sharing in iMovie or straight away, no dice. If I click on the application itself, it will open the window asking if I want to create a new project, open and old one, etc. If I click "New Project" and it is the first time I have opened it since booting, it will even give me the "Loading Themes" box for a moment, then.......nothing. The task bar remains active indicating that it THINKS iDVD is running, but I have no workspace. If I try to close iDVD, THEN it shows me the workspace and the dialogue about wanting to save changes. No matter what I click there, I get the spinning beach ball of death and have to force close to a "not responding" iDVD.

    Yes, I:

    1) Have verified and repaired permissions
    2) Deleted the plist file
    3) Deleted the app and reinstalled it. Twice.
    4) Created a new user account and tried it from there.

    Please help.

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    I WAS having the same problem, until I did a (system) software update. iLife updates come with OS updates, so if you haven't done that recently, give it a try.
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