I am attempting to use iMovie '08 for a a movie project for school. I have some audio (a narration/voice-over) that I recorded on Audacity on my pc and saved as a compatible format. In my video I intend to use the voice over as a narration, and stick applicable photos and videos over the audio. My audio is divided into 3 different files which I was going to add to the movie separately, because in between the 3 files I have 2 video clips that I didn't know how long they were going to be before I recorded the audio. The first audio file was inserted into iMovie excellently, and I placed photo and video clips over it. I then put in my first long video clip which I didn't want to have a voice over on. I am now trying to place the second audio that I recorded *after* the long video clip, but I cant change the place where it starts. When I drag it into the project area, it immediately places itself directly at the end of my first audio voiceover, and consequently on the long video clip. How do I move it so it's not on top of my video clip, but after it? I am really at the last straw with iMovie '08, after dealing with the ridiculous system of importing EVERY photo through iPhoto first. Who at apple thought that was a good idea!?!? Thanks.