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    IP Address change
    Is there an app or software that I can use with my macbook (leopard) so i can do extensive research... so my IP address changes?

    I also want this for security... I have been scammed by these nigerian scammers and will not look at certain websites using my IP Address.... I received a strong message from Google that my IP address was being used by scammers in Nigeria..

    can someone tell me more about this?

    I have one called Hot Alert... but it doesn't like macs! HELP

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    Little Snitch allows you to monitor EVERYTHING that's coming and going from your Mac.

    Your IP address is dynamic and assigned to you by your ISP. If you have a cable modem or DSL modem, you should be able to power-cycle it and you MIGHT get a new IP, but you'll most likely get the same address..

    If you've been having issues with one IP address, contact your ISP and have them forceably release/renew your IP address to a new one and perhaps quarantine your current IP address so it doesn't cause anyone else issues..

    All of these things should be FIRST handled with your ISP..


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