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Thread: Can't open big Excel workbook on MacBook Air

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    May 05, 2010
    Exclamation Can't open big Excel workbook on MacBook Air

    I use a MacBook Air with 1,8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 2 Go DDR2 SDRAM with a SSD drive. It runs Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3.

    I have Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac installed. Version 12.1.0 (080409).

    It does not open Excel workbook files (.xls) that weight more than around 10 MB. I tried opening from Finder or directly from Excel (File > Open...). I can see the loading bar, but nothing happens after. It does not show from the File > Open Recent menu item.

    I ran Excel from command line hopping to see some debug info but nothing.

    I tried Sample Automator Workflows > Convert the format of specified Excel files. I select to CSV format. Again I see a loading bar but then it says an error happened.

    I tried opening the file from Finder while pressing Shift key to disable macros. Anyway I know there's no problematic macro because I can open the same type of workbooks coming from the same server but that are less big (around 5 MB).

    I tried opening from Apple Numbers '09 version 2.0.3 (332) and it does not work correctly. I have only the header row, not the other lines.

    I'm installing to see if I can open it using Calc.

    I noticed the quick view from the Finder never manage to display the file. It loads indefinitely.

    A colleague at office can open the files with Excel on Windows with no error and I've been able to work on it.

    Is my MBA not powerful enough?? Please help I receive this kind of file weekly and cannot continue annoying my colleagues with that! Thanks!

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    May 05, 2010
    Opened using Calc
    Woot! I've been able to open the file using Calc 3.2.0.

    And I find the AutoFilter function I used on Excel. Perfect.

    Still, I would love to know why Excel would not open files that use it's own proprietary format where an open app could do it!

    Bad memory management from Microsoft on Mac OS X?

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