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    About bootcamp

    Iv been spending the last week trying to google me to a solution to my bootcamp problem but i cant find my problem only half-part of my problem so had to create a new post. If i by some chanse missed a pre post about the same problem (doubt it) then just tell me and il stop double posting!

    -I had bootcamp installed a couple of weeks ago but i made my windows partition to small imo so i deleted it, repaired disk and every gig went to the main partition and everything was fine.

    Then last week i wanted to install windows again so i ran bootcamp and picked 60gig of space for that partition and that left me with about 70gig for OSX.
    When i press the button to start partitioning then the progress bar runs up to about half a decimeter in 2seconds, but then it just stop! I can se that the progress bar is "thinking" but after leaving it over 4 diffrent nights and a couple of hours here and there it still wont partition past the previous half decimeter.

    First time i tried it i got an error saying i needed to repair disc so i inserted the mac osx disk and repaird and the lost gigs were back.
    But every other time i need to press the power button to "kill" the computer and restart the computer, but no gigs are taken so dont know what bootcamp is doing.

    Then yesterday i just went into disk utility and picked partition disk. After 1h the progress bar was half-way done and everything seemed better then bootcamp. After 8h the progress bar was still half done and i gave up and did another "kill" restart and no gigs were taken so no need for a repair.

    I have deleted and installed bootcamp over again but that wont do.
    Iv formated my disk and restored it with time machine.
    Iv defragmented my disk.
    Iv always exited all application and turned off little snitch and airport pre partitioning.
    I tried all from 60gig partition down to 30gig but nothing works!

    I realy dont know what els i can do about this problem, feels like i done everything one can think off.
    And i dont dare to keep turning off the computer with just the power button, cant be healthy for the computer but thats the only way or els i cant exit bootcamp/partition.

    Anyone got any other solution?

    I got a
    Macbook pro 15" intel computer
    atm i got 130gig free space.

    Ohh btw, sorry if there any english grammar errors, but im not from a english speaking country

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    I would imagine that there is still some damage to the directory structure. Unfortunately, Disk Utility is relatively weak for repairing these issues. Do you have TechTool Pro or DiskWarrior?

    Also, did you make a backup prior to running the Boot Camp Assistant?
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    No i dont have those programs nor have i heard of them. Are they free or do i need to buy them?

    I did a backup prior to formating and used that to restor my system after the formation was complete.
    And now it just hit me, that if i used that backup then the wrongs might have come into the backup and onto the computer again when i restored it, correct?

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