Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knew of either a plug-in or a stand alone app - one that can read the iTunes library - that has a full screen visualizer which provides a combination of any of the following: VU meters, equalizer, spectrum analyzer, track info (much like the default iTunes readout window), and controls (play, pause, next, prev., etc.).

Ideally what I'm looking for is a full screen version of stereo components that the user could interact with (i.e. adjust equalizer settings or change the track) without leaving full screen mode. I'd prefer to have it work along side iTunes or have the ability to at least read the library since I have 100 gigs of music that I really don't want to re-import or duplicate. The default iTunes visualizer is nice but I'm a bigger fan of something more technical looking such as the VU meters and spectrum analyzer.

I know that VLC has a VU meter visualizer but it's a little weak and you have to create a custom playlist just for VLC. Everything is already set up in iTunes and ready to go.

Does such a software exist?

Thanks for your input.