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Thread: What free programs let me make a resume?

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    What free programs let me make a resume?
    I have a funny feeling this is an ongoing question but I did do a thread search in the menu bar and didn't really come across anything.
    I was going to use text edit but not too sure...

    I'm in dire need of getting out of my current job to something better and more manageable and need to make a resume.
    I was wondering if openoffice does the job? Or anything other that would be free?

    If need be can one recommend a good software not too harsh on the pocket?

    I also bought a new mac today I'm broke for a while again. I went pro this time

    Thanks for the coming help people, I'll keep checking in.

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    Here are some good links

    How to write a successful CV
    How to Write a Good Resume or CV

    Open office will be fine to write a good resume

    Remember to open it up with a good intro, people will speed read it so start with a summary of what you do and what you are good at. Basically a one paragraph advert. Then go into the details of your work and education.

    Also do a cover letter that repeats your best skills, what you can bring to the company and mention the company in the first paragraph (do some research) so that the employer feels you have looked at them, know something about them and want to work for them.

    They really want to employ you so let them know you know what they are about and that you can bring value to their business.

    And good luck
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