its been a while since there was any update re OCR software - free and not free.

I have to scan multiple pages and have been using a OCR software that came with my HP printer suite. It usually makes mistakes with 'I' turning it into '!' as well as multiple other mistakes.

i tried using the google ocr and well, thats a bit of a pain - see it will not take pdf documents but only jpeg or gif and nothing larger than 10 mb meaning it will take no more than about 12 pages at a time and it advises files that are 10mb in size take "foreever" to convert. so useless for business.

I need something that will turn well typed document pdf's into either MS word or Pages and do it efficiently and accurately.

Again, input re both paid and free would be good as I starting to think about spending big bucks on the omni page 17 as the Omni page pro x gets a review on amazon