Hi all

I recently brought a mac book pro for digital DJ'ing and i can safely say i'm 100% converted.

I was wondering if some one could help with this.

One small problem i seem to be having is setting up 3 different email accounts as 3 separate mailboxes as they all use the same ISP username and password so my ISP tell me ( to be honest i can't get much sense from them and find it hard to understand what there saying).

can it be done? when all 3 email accounts are from the same ISP?

I have my primarily and original email set up nicely


but when i add my other 2 email accounts



even though the email address's are different i'm using the same ISP username and password to set up so i'm getting the primarily accounts emails in my second and third emails mailboxs and thus 3 mailboxs with the same emails.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

thanks in advance