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    Incredibly Slow iPhoto
    I've been using iPhoto religiously but I'm finding that it is sooooo freaking slow! I have about 4100 photos in my photo library now and I've even used iPhotoDiet to try to speed things up. It didn't seem to do anything. It takes about 2 minutes to launch iPhoto and about 1 minute for it to quit. When I have it open and I click on another app, it takes about 30 seconds for that app to respond.

    The last few months I've been shooting strictly in RAW mode with my Nikon D70, I then use iPhoto to organize the photos on my drive before processing the RAW files with Adobe Photoshop. I may need to look at alternatives for photo management if I can't get iPhoto to speed up.

    I'm using a 1.6GHz G5 with 768MB of RAM.

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    What version of iPhoto are you running?
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    It's iPhoto 5.0.2.

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    The RAW is whats killing it. Those files are massive and at 4100 photos you aren't going to find any photo management program that will be fast with that many RAW photos
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    Not all of these photos are RAW files. Maybe 20% of them are RAW.

    BUT, does anyone have any tips for a RAW workflow? Or best practices on how to archive photos from iPhoto? I know that iPhoto creates an "Originals" folder along with jpg's each time I download from my CF card. Another reason I don't use iPhoto for editing RAW files is because it creates a duplicate everytime you do ANYTHING to a photo. I find that at least by doing my editing in PS I'm able to prevent this.

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    I concur that iphoto seems very slow. I haven't delved into it much as I've not needed to do any real photo work yet, just got my mac monday. I'm accustomed to Picasa on the PC, and find that it is FAR faster.

    I either need to research some tweaks, or find an alternative. Does anyone have tips for speeding iphoto up, or know good alternatives for management?

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    I think I may need to find an alternative. And as much as I hate this, I may need to learn how to use the Nikon software. The reason I hate this option is the fact that Nikon seems to have several apps available which seem to almost do the same things which confuses me. There's Nikon Capture, Nikon View, and Nikon PictureProject. I can't tell which app does what. And the interface to these apps is just horrible! I've never seen such a confusing app.

    But if one of these can simply download the RAW files from my CF card in a >Year >Month > Day folder hierarchy, I'll be happy. Then I can clean up all of the mess that iPhoto seems to make.

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