After trying out just about every todo list program available for OS/X, I finally took a friend's suggestion and tried the built-in functionality in and syncing with the Notes app on my iPod Touch.

It does almost what I want, but there are a couple big things that just really grate on my nerves and I'm hoping there is a way to fix them.

First off, when I create a new note on the iPod Touch & sync, the note shows up in my inbox. I don't want that. I just want it to show up in my Notes folder.

Second, the only way I have found to create or mark todo lists complete is via or iCal. I don't see that functionality in Notes on the Touch. Hopefully I'm just missing something simple.

For reference - my ideal todo list app would be this: take TaskPaper, make it sync directly via Wifi and add an optional interface similar to TaskCard, where each file would be like a whiteboard with post-its on it & each project would be a post-it note.