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Thread: iLife gone after upgrading to Leopard

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    May 20, 2010
    Unhappy iLife gone after upgrading to Leopard
    Well, as the subject line says, I upgraded to Leopard and all of the iLife programs that came with Tiger when I bought my iMac are now gone. I cannot find the grey disc that came with the computer (worst Mac user ever, I know).

    I have my husband's iMac and my iBook G4 that both have iPhoto on them. Is it possible to hook another computer up as a transfer drive and just drag a copy of the program into my iMac's Applications folder? Or put iPhoto on a thumb drive and copy/paste from there? Will the application work, or will it wag its finger at me and tell me I'm trying to do bad things?

    Does anybody have any help for me? Please?

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    i don't think drag and drop would work... or does it if you have a family pack of the software ? just getting back in the Mac "game/world".. i lost it as well when i re-installed Mac OS X --but never had the cd's to begin with.

    sorry not to be of much help..
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    Did you a Upgrade or a Erase and Install? Upgrade has never deleted any software that I have seen.

    What model Mac is this you installed Leopard on? Intel? Power PC?

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