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    Can slides in Keynote reference one another or a data source?
    Hey everyone,

    Here's my situation. In my office I have TVs that have Keynote looping on it. The first slide shows a table of my entire sales team and their sales figures. Then the next 2-3 slides are general sales info or upcoming office events. It then repeats the sales figures one, 2-3 general slides, sales figures etc.

    Right now I have to every morning, edit all of those sales figures slides.

    Is there any way to have slides reference one another so that I only have to change the first slide and it will update all the slides that are the same?

    Or even better, is there a way to have the data in an Excel file or something that Keynote pulls it from so that I only would have to edit that file daily and refresh the Keynote? Thanks!

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    In the Hyperlink Inspector you get these choices;

    Click for full size

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